Grace Trust

Grace Trust

The Grace Trust has provided personal and practical help to underprivileged people for 24 years. This includes food banks, monthly grocery deliveries and weekly hot meals to vulnerable and needy adults in Jersey.

PGCF provided The Grace Trust with a new property in St. Helier, and has supported them in their work, helping poor families, those who sleep rough, even those in prison. We suggested doing something for young people. Grace 18 – which helps youngsters of 18 upwards – was the outcome.

Grace 18 started a programme in 2018 where employers are encouraged to hire a youngster for three months without it costing them anything because The Foundation would pay their wages.

In addition there is a link with a driving school that provides driving lessons funded by the Foundation. The idea being that a youngster with a driving licence has more chance of getting work than one without. That’s been quite successful–several having passed the driving test.

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